Today, October 1, is an important day.  It is because it is the first day of the third last month of the year.  It happens to fall on Monday this year, 2012.  So we feel that it is the beginning of something even more significant.

October 1, I believe, also marks the change of dress code. We change from summer clothes to winter clothes, particularly, the ones in uniforms.  I recall the high school where I attended was quite flexible and we had grace period of 2 weeks in which we could wear either summer uniform or winter uniform, depending upon the  weather.  I do not know whether it is still practiced there, but it was quite unusual when I was a high school student. (Many schools followed the rules to the letters and we were known to be rather “free” from conformity.)

I also noticed that from October 1, many seasonal announcement seemed to be made.  I saw the signs for Christmas cake orders,  New Year greetings and cuisine orders, etc. I was a bit shocked when I saw them, as I felt that the holiday season was still a long way to go.   As everything is taking place faster these days, the holiday campaign may have started early.

I also checked how October 1 is famous for.  I checked the website and found out that there are so many events/products associated with October 1.  Let me give some  examples.

October 1 is the Coffee day, Japanese green tea day, Design day, International day for Older persons, etc. etc. etc.

We are in the last fourth of the year, 2012.  October is also a month usually known for the clear blue sky and crisp weather.  (Today was exception, as it was like summer!)  We have three more months to go before the new year.  Let us make the day a start of something new.