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Several things I have noticed in New York City.  Some remind me every time  I come here. They include a large number of big garbage bins everywhere on the street and the carts which sell fruit, soft pretzels, nuts etc. on the street and many delivering food during lunch time etc.

This time, I have noticed that quite a few people wear jeans at nice places where you usually do not expect–nice restaurants, concert halls etc.  In fact, I bought a pair myself (on sale!) and have been wearing!  I have also noticed that the bike rentals around the Park is a big business AND they have nice bikes. (Last time I rented a bike there few years ago, the bike was old!)

It seems that business has definitely picked up, judging from the talk with the cab drivers, and the way restaurants are packed!  About a year and a half ago when I came, we needed no reservation at the restaurant as they were so empty!  Now it is  very crowded again.  (But I hear that some places that have been around for a long time have gone out of business.)  Judging from the scene at the Italian restaurant we went last night (when we got there at 8:30 p.m., it was PACKED and going strong!),  the recession has come and gone.

This city is such an interesting place and makes me feel very relaxed.

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