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IMG_9769IMG_9786I arrived my destination of Palm Desert, CA, late Saturday night.  The flight is so short (45 min. or less) and the plane was so empty (I do not know why I had trouble making earlier flight. Probably not many flights to Palm Springs to start with. I felt relieved, finally leaving LA in the evening.  The sun set was very pretty. (See featured photo above.)

I arrive in Palm Springs, rented a car and drove off to find the place I reserved. (I had stayed at the Marriott Vacation Club in Palm Desert before, but not this one yet.)  When you drive in the area where you are not familiar with, and at night when it is dark AND in rented car on the right side of the road, it makes me a bit nervous.  But I made it, checked in, and even went grocery shopping to stock up for the whole week’s stay. (The place is open until midnight)  I felt quite relieved and started relaxing. (On the left is me at the kitchen of my unit.)

This morning, I went to fitness center for my daily workout (there are two small ones in this complex) and went to mass at the church.  I liked this church (it turned out this is just about the only one in Palm Desert, though quite big) and going there made me feel even better. (People are friendly and the reverend is excellent!)

I stopped over at the City Fair (Photo above) on the way to pick up some food and golf balls.  It is getting quite warm.  My friends from BC are playing golf this afternoon, but I am not that dedicated.  (Probably I will try some twilight game while I am here.  After all, this is THE golf place! designed by Nick Faldo…)

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