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I came to Kyoto this afternoon, the main ;purpose of this trip (I decided yesterday!) is to visit the new university in Kyoto. Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS  … founded by Shigenobu Nagamori, founder of NIDEC.  He is one of the business leaders I most respect.  He has a clear vision of the people we (not only his company, but our society) needs today and has mentioned many times that our current educational system in Japan has NOT been able to do the job.  Because he is the man of the action (One of his philosophy is “Do it now, Be sure to do it and Complete it until it accomplishes the result.” which I adore)

He decided to found the university to develop the type of people who can operate anywhere in the world successfully. today and in the future.  He focused on engineering with the project (not just textbook knowledge) and communication (English today).  When I read his book about this university, I was so impressed and wanted to visit.  It turned out that the president of the university Professor Maeda, helped me many years ago when I became very interested in actions/engineering/technology.

I contacted him as well as Mr. Nagamori and made the request to visit the university.  So it finally materialized!   I am very excited to visit the university tomorrow and meet with President Maeda.

In addition, Kyoto is one of my favorite places in Japan and the trip reminded me of many people I worked  before (including Dr. & Mrs. Horiba who passed away several years ago.)  In that sense, spending some time in Kyoto is a bit like sentimental journey.  I even went to the venue of international conferences where I attended several times before,  just to see what it was like.

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