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As my hectic days with overseas trips, workshops, and seminars are finished for now, I came to Kona, Hawaii for brief break in the warm, relaxing environment. It is nice to be in the sun, with the beaches nearby.

I also came across with “inequality”, the topic we often hear and discuss that is one of the global agenda.
The shopping center near my hotel I visited last night to pick up some groceries etc. seemed run down and poor, quite different from my idea of shopping center in Hawaii. (Probably I felt even more so as I was quite tired after the flight…)

Refreshed after the good night sleep this morning, I set out to explore the other part of the island–including the resort we visited some decades ago as I recall it was nice resort then.

I drove some 50 miles or so to check out Waikoloa and Mauna Lani resorts. Waikoloa resort is newer of the two and had very nice shopping centers with nice shops and beautiful golf courses. Same holds true with Mauna Lani, the one we stayed, a bit older, and yet still nice.

I was struck by the inequality which exists right in front of my eyes, however. You see rather poor and old shops in one area and very nice and new shops in not so distant areas of the same island.. I believe some cities in the US have same problems, while we rarely see such sharp contrast in Japan. (Poverty of children is becoming a serious issue and we will need to address it/)

The drive was long (I do not drive in Tokyo, so I had to get used to it), but having nothing but big sky and flat field (and the highway I was driving) was an experience. I saw beautiful sun set and clouds that took my breath away.

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