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slide_01We finished #30 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Unilever last Friday, Oct. 9 with over 50 people attending. Now the next session #31 scheduled for Friday, Nov. 6.  is ready for your registration.
20151106_davosThis time, we will have Mr. Yusuke Matusda, founder of Teach for Japan as our guest and will be held at our regular venue of Wilson Learning Worldwide.
In many “Davos. in Tokyo” sessions, education of the young people is often cited as one of the ideas to create the better society, whether it is inclusive or sustainable. Yusuke has been making efforts in this area to make education available and accessible to all children. We will hear what he has been up to and join him in designing  new approach to education. For details and registration, check this link. Join us to create the better future!

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