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fbogp2US Presidential election 2016 has been so unusual and unconventional that watching debate/listening to news podcast may make you wonder what is going on in the US and in the world.
There is no question that US president is not only the leader of the United States of America, but also is very influential leader of the world. Who will be elected on November 8? How would the rest of the world be affected by the next US President-elect? In particular, how is Japan affected?
We will host Global Agenda Seminar special seminar #5 on Thursday, November 10 right after the election, at Roppongi Academy Hills. Our guest is Mr. Will Ripley, CNN International Correspondent with extensive experience of reporting in Japan and in the US. It will be the next day of the US presidential election and we will know who is elected (unless there are some issues about the election and voting itself.)
It will be extremely topical subject and a great guest to talk about various subjects. After his presentation,  I will join in the latter half and have a dialogue with Mr. Ripley and moderate the Q & A session with the audience. The whole session is conducted in English. Application is now open, we expect it will be filled very quickly. So apply now! Here are details. (the bottom half is in English, so please scroll down.)

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