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Recently I came across with the occasion where I find myself disappointed and not satisfied with what I did.  Both are related to interview/talk. I felt somewhat uneasy (not sure whether this is the right word or not), but could not quite identify what was wrong with either one of the two.  For the first one which I did recording for the 6-part series, I asked the organizer whether I could do the last part again, as I felt there was so little substance in the last part.  They agreed to do it again and we scheduled for the take 2 next week.

For the other one (GAS Talk series), I tried to edit the video, taking so much time, and finally managed to do it within 15 minutes.  _When I sent the edited version to the interviewee, she came back with many suggestions and requests.  After I reviewed her request, I realized that there was no way I could edit it again.  (I spent enormous time already-much longer than any other of the same series.)  After I thought about it again, I asked her for the re-take.  I felt much better when I made that decision, because there was no point of me worrying about it.  So we are doing the re-take tomorrow evening.

From these two incidents, I realize that it is bette to stop the project and do it again when it is so bad.   I usually have perseverance and try to fix it somehow (sometimes due to time constraint).  But it is much better to give it up and do it all over again.   Many people stick to the original plan even though things do not go as planned, (I have seen many investment projects which have gone so bad beyond recovery, but they do not discontinue due to variety of reasons.)  I now know the pitfall of trying to recover when it is not possible to recover.  It is much better to kill it. Probably this is another way for discipline…

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