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As the last week of November is almost finished, I would like to invite you to exciting & fun event tomorrow (Nov. 30) evening at 100BANCH in Shibuya.  We will host SINCA Startup session No. 1. First part will engage you to join SDG game to get to know  what SDGs are and how they work.  (All of you are going to be players and the game is done in English! after brief overview by Prof. Tokutaro Hiramoto of KIT).    In the second part, we will have representatives from two star ups explaining their concept and their progress. They will ask for your ideas and suggestions to move forward.  Teplo will be present their concept etc. at CES in Las Vegas and at SXSW in March, 2019 and 180mg/dl will need some of your help clarifying and refining their concept and planning next steps.  (Both of them present in English and after their presentation, we will have breakout sessions (in a group of 5 or 6) to brainstorm their ideas etc.   It will be followed by networking with catering services.  We plan to make the session a lot of fun for all that participate AND some learning opportunity.  Here are the details and registration.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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