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 Have you heard of Estonia, one of Baltic countries?  Probably not, unless you are very interested in start-ups and digital government. Our next session of SINCA scheduled for Friday, May 31, will introduce Estonia, as informed earlier.

These two days (May 16 and 17), Lattitude 59 is held in Tallin, Estonia.  I wish I were there, but our guest speaker, Mr. Makoto Suhara, Special assistant to the Ambassador of Republic of Estonia in Japan,  is so kind as to send me some photos of Lattitude 59.  It is the “Flagship event at the world first digital society” and many interesting exhibits and panels seem to be underway.  As it is still early morning in Tallin now, you can watch livestreaming of the event here.

As I checked the program and the photos, I found familiar faces, including my friend, journalist we had for our SINCA session earlier, enjoying being there!

At our session on May 31, we will ask Mr. Suhara about it, and ask  Tsubasa Kato, community manager of 100BANCH  who visited Estonia during Golden Week about the startup landscape there.  Some of you may be also interested in eResidency available in Estonia. (me included)

On May 31, we will also feature Inoca, one of the projects at 100BANCH to ask your ideas for their next steps.  We will write more about Inoca. Details and registration for the event is here. So register soon before it is full.

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