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I am all SORE today, as I went to Aikido class after three weeks of absence. Last week was off for Thanksgiving holidays and the week before, I missed the class as my back hurt so badly.  I enjoyed the class this morning very much (almost forgot about my back pain), but after the class, I am all SORE.  We practiced several Uke moves (which is quite difficult if you try to follow the basic right) and techniques such as Irimi Nage and Tenchi Nage throws.    We practice in pairs and repeat the round of four for each.  I did not count, but I may have threw and got thrown close to 100 times.  No wonder I am SORE. The good thing is that I came out of class in one piece without injuries.

Even after the stretch at home, however,  I can feel the pain.  So what I hope now is that I gained physical stamina etc. as often said in “No pain, no gain.”   Let me see how I feel tomorrow…..

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