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Oct. 28, last Monday of the month, began with nice lunch with Peter Jennings of Dow and three ladies that have given me many opportunities for events, seminars etc. It was at TY Harbor Brewery near Tenoz Isle and I got lost on my way (it turned out that it was very close to their office I had been and I could have met them there!)  It was very nice terrace restaurant on a beautiful day and the place was packed.

 It has been a while since I saw them (in fact, I visited their new office for the first time, as I missed their office opening party!) and we have a lot to talk about.  Discussion was very interesting and lunch on the sunny terrace was great.  I  went to their new office which looked very free, flexible and collaborative.  I talked with Peter for a while, catching up on the news.

I then went to Takashimaya Dept. store in Nihonbachi, as I wanted to see the Nagamori Collection special display on the first floor.  I serve as trustee of Nagamori Culture Foundation and wanted to see his collection of music box.  I meant to visit their museum in Suwa, where the collection is stored and displayed, and so far have not had a chance.  So I  wanted to take an advantage of the opportunity to see some of them in Tokyo.  It is interesting to see many different kinds going all the way to early 1900s.  I missed the show (three times a day) where automata performs., Ms. Mariko Kawazu, senior advisor of the museum whom I met several times in Kyoto, took me around and explained details.  They are fascinating!  Every time I hear about the music box, I always recall the first scene of Phantom in the Opera where music box plays a significant role.  I  found automata (dolls with music box inside?) intriguing.  It was very nice way to start a week.

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