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 Global Agenda Seminar series which began in January 2010 ended on December 4 with the presentation of 7 pre-selected recommendations. I initiated the year-long Seminar series at Roppongi Hills in order to develop leaders  of tomorrow who could address global agenda issues.     Though the seminar series turned out to be much more work than I had predicted, with preparing weekly newsletter, doing 1-on-1 counseling and group counseling for their individual reports in addition to the monthly sessions, I myself learned a lot about the global agenda by conducting the series.   There were quite a few lessons learned for me, about various ways to develop problem solving skills, how to put your recommendation together and how to present it.

  I received several inquiries about the next steps for the Global Agenda Seminar, recently.  Specific questions include whether we would continue GAS in 2011 with the same format.  So far, we have decided NOT to continue the series in the same format based upon the lessons learned.

  I have several alternative ideas such as 1)Basic skill training series on problem solving, communication, group discussion 2) Shorter version dealing with specific global agenda issue such as environment, education etc. 3) Group project series to analyze the competitiveness of the cities, regions and to develop unique positioning and branding, etc. 

  As I reflect the year 2010, there is no question about the fact that GAS has been a significant event for me and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to initiate it and to interact with so many young people throughout the year.  I would be happy to welcome any suggestions and questions from those who read the blog and are interested in making comment on the next steps of the Global Agenda Seminar series.

  In planning my own activities for the coming year 2011, “Prioritize and Focus with the spirit of OR to AND (using the title of my book published last year) ” would be my theme, as I find many activities I have done so far including those at ICS, involvement with the WEF, and Competitiveness course at HBS seem to have many things in common. What I need is to identify how I can make a contribution by cutting through various pieces.

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