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This coming Sunday, _Feb. 14 is Valentine’s day.  This is the day we are supposed to spend with people we love (not necessarily partner, but family, friends etc.) Our SINCA session #2 for the year 2021 is scheduled for this day.

We will have high school students/other students with us, in addition to our regular business people.  Originally, the idea for this session came when I heard from students that their overseas trip/study program this year was canceled. When I gave a talk at their Forum in December, I promised them that I would think of some other program etc. if their trip is canceled.

Few weeks ago, I heard from some students that their trip was canceled. So I decided to invite them (and anybody around them) to join our SINCA session. To the people -mainly business people- who come to the session, I asked them to think what they would do if they were high school students now.

We plan to have breakout sessions in several groups, mixing students and adults for casual an open discussion in English.  Now we have more than 10 students  and close to 40 regular people registered.  I am very much looking forward to this session, as I want to give as many opportunities as possible to young generation to practice new skills and to have casual Q & A sessions.

In fact, at the online seminar I gave on Monday at Chubu Association of Business Executives, I shared my idea of organizing joint program for high school students between Israel and Japan (the topic of the talk was Talpiot!  as the driver of making Israel technology leader in Middle 70 years.)  I received the response from the people of Chubu Association of Business Executives about my plan.  I hope we can make students joint program happen in some way.  Sunday will be a good opportunity to test the idea with the participants.  We can start some action and see how it goes.  After all, SINCA stands for Sharing Innovative and Creative Actions!

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