Our next SINCA online session is scheduled for Sunday, July 26, last day of 4 day weekend.  Our last session on July 12 where we discussed current topics such as moving from the city to local area, overseas travel etc. was interesting with people actively participating in small breakout groups. (You can watch video here.)

Following the same format(see the photo below of the last session), we will host another session where participants can share their responses and ideas casually in breakout groups AND in general discussion.  The topics we have in mind are:

  1. Campaign to promote cashless by the Ministry etc. ended at the end of June. New campaigns with a variety of cards and Mynapoint are starting. Do you plan to continue your effort to go cashless further?
  2. Yahoo announced to recruit 100 people for the second job. Other companies seem to start similar approach to hiring. If the company you are interested recruit people for the second job, do you apply?
  3. Heavy rainfall in Kyushu made severe blow to the area. We are now into the typhoon season. Are you doing anything to prepare for extreme weather etc.
  4. Tokyo is excluded from Go to Campaign. Regardless of this change, do you plan to go to places in Japan, such as Hokkaido and Okinawa?
  5. Bags we get free of charge at stores are now charged. Do you bring eco bag etc.? to respond?

We believe these topics are quite close to you and you have some ideas/ views.  So join us to discuss with others. For details and registration, go to this site.  As we have four day weekend, please register early.  We will inform those who register the link to zoom Sunday late afternoon.  Looking forward to seeing many of you then.