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It has been just three days since we finished SINCA Vol. 9 Startup session at 100BANCH.  I post short blog entry entitled “Quick Report” last Friday.  (I plan to post short movie? as soon as I get around to find out how I can resize large number of photos! So stay tuned..)

Now the details and registration site for our Next SINCA session is available.(See featured photo)

The topic is related to G20 scheduled to be held in Osaka on June 28 and 29, and recent geopolitical and economic issues that are expected to be discussed there.  Trade friction between US and China is accelerating as both parties seem to take Tit for Tat strategy.  In addition, US is now planning tariff on the goods from Mexico as well.  This time mainly for protection against immigration. As for Abe Administration who will chair G20, the bilateral trade between US and Japan is big concern.

In fact, at GAS which started last Saturday, I was asked whether the trade war between US and Japan in the 1980s and the current one has similarities or not.  Much more complicated global supply chain and new members of the world trade with China as the main player makes the current trade friction different and much more complex than the one in the 1980s, in my view, not to mention the digitalizations and cyber issues.

At our next SINCA session scheduled for Tuesday, June 25(not our regular Friday), I hope we will discuss these issues with the help of two experts- Mr. Tsuneo Watanabe of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Timothy Kelly of Reuters. Details of the session is here and you can register via this site.  There will be more new development between now and then (in fact, the President Trump is now making the first State Visit to the UK, and something new may surprise us.)

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