Our next SINCA session is scheduled for Sunday, April 18. We would like creative ideas for all of us to keep on learning.  Lifelong learning has been critical activities for all of us, not for young people, but for all regardless of age.  And yet, our image of school/classroom is often “boring” “not exciting””no inspiration” “not the place/activity we look forward to.”

We think learning new things, meeting new people, trying something new is one of the most exciting things we can do. It is even more so as we will have more time to ourselves now with Covid-19 et.

So at our next SINCA session, we want each one of us to design our ideal place/format to keep on learning.  Be free from all the conventional concept of school/classroom etc.  You can go very bold!  Now peatix site is open and you can register.  Our facebook event page is here.  Come & join us!