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Our next SINCA online session is scheduled for Sunday, March 14 from 8 pm.  It is White Day (I just found out) and the topic of “People you like/want to work with/emulate” fit the day well.  (In fact, our immediate past session was on Valentine’s Day!)

During the Covid-19 emergency status, many of us realize there are people we find very important (other than family members) and those we do not care.  As physical contact with people has been restricted, this distinction may have become clearer for us.

In addition, if you are young (like high school students), encountering people who inspire you and who make you feel at ease, whom you want to emulate, makes a big difference for career and lifestyle decisions, I believe. So this topic hopefully is relevant to both groups of business people and students.

What we want you to do is to describe the person of your choice to people who do not know them in simple, casual way.  The person of your choice needs not be well known, we want you to paint the picture of this person so that those who hear your story can have vivid image of this person. In a way, this is an exercise to do a simple story.

In order to compare/contrast, we want you to think of those you do NOT like.  Rather than who they are, please explain characteristics and features of this person that you do NOT like.

We will discuss in small breakout groups of 4-5 in English as before.  Even if you feel scared or uncomfortable to communicate in English, discussion in small groups turns out to be very easy and fun. (from the comments of people who joined last time.)

Our facebook event page is now ready and so is our Peatix site for registration.  Please join us and have fun. We will be waiting for your participation…

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