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I am still working on the edit of the video of our last SINCA session (Nov 29) where we discussed Happiest and Saddest (with our wish) memories of the year 2020.  (Thank you for your patience!)  Here is the information about our next (last for the year 2020) SINCA session.  It will be on Sunday, Dec. 20 from 8 pm.

After reflecting the year 2020 at our last SINCA session, we want to start the year 2021  with big hope and fresh ideas.  We thought of the approach of Backcasting and want us to start from our Ideal Self at the end of the year 2021.  What kind of person would YOU  like to be same time next year?  You can be ambitious and think creatively by unleashing your free spirit.  As you form vivid image of yourself at the end of 2021, think of the activities, relationships, skill, knowledge and experience you want to explore/develop to make your image reality.  You can also design the plan for activities, skill/knowledge development, from your reflection of the year 2020 and build the image of yourself, rather than Backcasting. Either approach will do.

We  have over 2 weeks before the session, so do think about many possibilities and bring interesting and “crazy”? ideas so  that we can discuss.  If we see that some of you share same interest and /or aspirations, (i.e. potential of group activities) , we may try to form the group to collaborate.  (It usually helps to have friends who work together, as going solo sometimes get tough.)

Join us for the last session of SINCA in 2020 and cheer us up together.  Please register through this site. Looking forward to seeing many of you then.

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