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This evening, I went to see the live viewing of Mariko Takahashi’s concert last year. It was the first of its kind and I wanted to check it out. I have seen the concert three times last year, and it was nice to recall how exciting it was.
What was even more exciting for me was the New York Sketch which shows M. Takahashi & Henry Band at different occasions. I was at their third concert last year, but missed the first two and thus it was nice to see their spending time (some over 2 decades ago) in NYC.
Watching scenes in New York and listening to how she describes the city, I was so nostalgic about the city. It also reminded me the story that my friend’s father-in-law who had lived in NYC for a long time was back in the city for a short time. My friend said that he was walking around the Central Park, feeling quite nostalgic. I understood how he must have felt (though I did not live in the city).
As Mariko Takahashi said in the show, the city has a charm which no other place could offer (at least to me).  The songs about New York make me miss the city so much.

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