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Saturday, June 12, was a beautiful day in Manhattan.  The rain was forecast, but we were lucky not to have one. I began the day jogging around the Park.  I am always amazed that Manhattan has such a big park right in the middle of the city!

The weekend in NYC looks very different from the weekdays, as you see many people with children. Quite a few jog  or roller blade while pushing the stroller.

After spending the relaxed morning with coffee and NYTimes, I decided to hit the Apple Store on the Fifth Avenue to buy iPAD.  The place was packed with so many people!  I managed to put my name on the wait list.

Then I went to the pre-concert talk at Lincoln Center, followed by the NYPhil Matinee with all Brahms program. String Sextet No. 2 and Symphony No. 2 were two pieces on the program.  String Sextet which included Alan Gilbert, music director of NY Phil. was nice.

Then after the intermission, we heard rather interesting announcement.  They said that some musicians were missing that they had to postpone the start of the second piece by 15 minutes!  It never happened to me and I had no idea what had happened.  (People took it quite easy and stayed patient.)

The second piece, Symphony No. 2, was wonderful, despite the incident.  As I heard that the symphony was somewhat similar in idea to Symphony Pastoral by Beethoven, which is my favorite, I liked it even better.

The NY Phil really came alive with the Symphony.  It almost seemed that with Alan Gilbert taking over, the Philharmonic became very lively and exciting.

The evening was spent at my stepson’s apartment near Lincoln Center. We had some friends over whom I had not seen for a while. Appetizer, BBQ and wine outside on the terrace was nice way to spend the lovely summer evening.

(The kids were all over and wanted to try everything from new tripod, digital camera, etc. which caused some confusion,  but it was fun.)

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