Today,  I went to have New Year’s dinner with my parents who are in late 80s and live in Yokohama. In the past few years, I make it a rule to come back from overseas vacation on New Year’s Eve so that I can go to Yokohama to have dinner with them on New Year’s Day.  The New Year’s day is a very important day for the families in Japan (like Christmas in the West) and I think it means a lot for my parents (and for me) to celebrate the day together.

  I order special cuisine called OSECHI to be delivered to my parents house the day before and cook special soup today with my father.  We eat ricc cake MOCHI with it and have a bit of Sake to commemorate the occasion.  It is a nice tradition and I feel very fortunate that all of us are able to greet the new year 2011 with good health. (My mother is very weak but she can get up and sit at the table for the dinner.)   

  I also called my friend who lives in Takarazuka by herself.  As she had a stroke a few years ago, she is not able to go out.  Her parents passed away quite a while ago, so she may not have any family member to celebrate together.  I could not get to talk with her, but I sent her belated birthday present (Her birthday is in December) I picked up in Hawaii. 

  New Year’s day is a day to spend with family and/or friends. Even far away, we can call and celebrate together.