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I was invited to the New Year party of MBAnoWa! this evening.  I serve as adviser of this NPO founded by Teppei Tsutsui.  As I want to support the young people who are interested in trying to acquire new knowledge and new skills regardless of the geographical locations, I was thrilled  to attend the party.

At the party, I had a chance to talk with several people, some of whom I had met at other occasions.  It is quite interesting that some of those who already have MBA have either started the business or changed the job.

The other day, I was talking with my friends about designing the seminar series. The question we had was how to measure the effectiveness and/or impact of the educational/career related programs.  One of the measures we came up with was how many people begin new career after they go through the program.  For example, Global Agenda Seminar 2010 produced quite a few people who either changed the geographical locations (some went to the  U.S., India,etc. etc.) and who changed the job.

It shows that they start thinking about their career in a little bit different way after they go through the program.  It does NOT necessarily mean that they learned something new, but  in many cases, they become aware of their own potential, of the options open to them by interacting with other participants.

I think it is great for young people to get exposed to many more opportunities and career options.  I think it is my role and responsibility to let them know that the world is open and accessible to them.  It is NO FUN to wake up in the morning and feel that you face another dull, unexciting, unproductive day.  Life can be so exciting and so stimulating (sometimes too much so!) if you open yourself to the wide world out there.

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