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Whenever I receive invitation to Webinar, I usually register. (In fact, I meant to register for the seminar on Monday, but was too late!)  Sometimes the time zone is a problem, as the ones organized in the US East coast is usually midnight or very early in the morning our local time.  The ones organized by Israel and/or some European institutions such as FT are much better as it is usually late afternoon/evening JST.

Even the ones which take place in the US East coast usually sends the link to recording and slides afterwards, which is helpful.  (It means you spend a lot of time trying to catch up w info. coming one after another, though.)

I usually listen to webinar with iPhone when it is a dialogue, without visuals.  When visuals are presented, PC is much easier to follow.

Recently I found that listening to webinar, interview or ,music performance is great? way to fall asleep. I hear that blue light from the screen is no good to your eyes/brain and we are recommended to stay away from  display/screen right before we go to bed.  So I listen with my iPhone.  I usually fall asleep listening. (Nowadays, I know that is what happens, so I turn off the light while listening! )

It is such a great way to fall asleep.  (A while ago when the Covid-19 started, I was quite worried and had trouble falling asleep.  This makes it harder to cope with emergency status, stay home, etc. etc. Sleep is extremely important for physical and mental health, so once you get into difficulty falling asleep, it gets quite bad) Listening to music that relaxes you would be best, but listening to interview could work, too!  Why not try this evening?

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