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Today, May 4, I spent almost all day at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre for Born Creative Festival 2017. This is a whole day event with Dai Fujikura, my good friend, as artistic director, and the opportunity for you to hear “new” sound from the world.
Yesterday, pre-session talk was held where Ken Mogi and Dai Fujikura had very interesting talk. Among so many interesting comments (some beyond me!), I found difference in cognition load/requirement for sound and visual and the often unexpected reaction of the audience very interesting.
Today, I began with workshop featuring Pauline Oliveros by Claire Chase, spectacular flutist I met last year in New York. It was very interesting workshop and I am thinking about applying the similar concept to my workshop. After listening to a few musicians at Atrium, I went to the workshop featuring Nordic jazz and electronica which was very new and appealing in quiet way.  Last workshop I went was with Hidejiro Honjo of Shamisen.  I met Honjo san a few times before and always liked his very casual and friendly style.  Today was no exception.  He explained the history of Shamisen (it originated in Persia!) and played several pieces before he invited his students to join him.  Then he asked for volunteers among the audience to try and they played very nice piece together.  All of them seemed to have fun and so did we in the audience.

Special concert was held at concert hall (which was almost full) in the evening and I felt the whole new world was made open to me.  I will write more about the concert at later date. (I am exhausted as I was there for 9 hours straight and am leaving early tomorrow morning for NYC!)  So stay tuned.

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