At SINCA session last year, we discussed ideal self at the end of the year 2021.  It was essentially “delusion” and creative image of oneself we want to accomplish at the end of the new year.  Whenever we discuss certain topics, I make it a rule that I think about it myself.  This time was no exception.

As two things I want to accomplish (even partially), I picked learning advanced Excel (as I was struggling with sorting analyzing database) AND learn how to play accordion.  Excel is quite straightforward, though I shelved this idea as I began learning Python and it appears that Python can augment? Excel.

As for accordion, some wondered why accordion? (I post on facebook and received many comments.)  The reason I want to try accordion is my Dad who passed away at the age of 98 last September used to play Excelsior accordion and left if.  I do not know how to play, but have been amazed at his playing (until very last year or so before his passing).  As I believe it is more important to think “What” you want to do with the skill you learn, not to give up when encountered difficulties in the learning process, I decided to go for it.  I want to play something simple on accordion.

I searched the Internet to find video showing how to learn accordion and found quite a few in English.  (My dad had several instruction book and scores, but they are totally beyond my ability).  I started very slow with how I hold it etc.  It is very detailed and user friendly.  I want to continue as long as I can.  (I set up my own schedule for Python (this is also video lesson) and for accordion.  I stay away from too ambitious goal of trying to do it everyday, as I know there is NO way I can keep up, even with time freed due to Covid-19.  I will go slow, but hopefully steady, to make even small progress.  Having my own calendar is good to structure my day (which is very important) and to bring fun into my day.