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Since the 10-day holidays finished (it feels as it it has been months!), I was quite busy writing Opinion column, promoting Global Agenda Seminar (GAS2019), while taking care of my fractured nose last week. This week has been full of activities including Darden Alumni/MBA students session, board meetings, dinner with organizers and supporters  for Beyond Tomorrow and Young Presidents Organization yesterday.   I have interacted with people from different countries, age groups, background and discussed variety of topics from trade issues, business matters, role of media to outdoor activities to support/fund NPOs (specifically, how to dig bamboo shoots!) etc. etc. In the process, I enjoyed meeting with new people, hear views from variety of perspectives, find out new things as well as being asked many questions.  It has been stimulating and exciting.

This morning, however, I felt as if I finished a big project and felt I lost energy, which does not happen often for me.  I tried to get my energy back, but had some difficulty.  (I even took a nap and had a dream I had fallen off stairs!)  I finally figured out the reason for my mental as well as physical fatigue.  It is due to Aikido class and reception/dinner with drinks(I usually drink except a few occasions) three days in a row!

Now that I realize the cause for my fatigue, I am ready to go on to the next steps.  I have new seminar series starting in two weeks and new project which starts in five days.  I need  to do some reading, thinking and planning as both are new, which now looks quite exciting. I am BACK!

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