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With 2 more hours left for the year 2018, I managed to do rough review(i.e. time spent)  of my activities in 2018.  This is quite unusual as I usually write greetings for holidays during the last week of December away from home. (In many cases at the beach in the sun!)  Last year, I spend several days in Hong Kong in a little bit different but with very relaxed style.

This year has been quite hectic with new initiatives in the latter half of the year, but exciting with visits to new places such as Port, Portugal (for conference) and Milan & Florence (for fun).  I believe I have been away about 100 days or so (though I have NOT counted yet).  My usual visit to New York (this year, four times I believe) and summer in British Columbia have become part of my lifestyle. In addition, I visited California twice-once to San Francisco &  Palo Alto, and the other to LA and  Palm Springs.  Trips in the fall were almost back to back with a few days in Tokyo and thus made it difficult for me to fully appreciate experiences overseas and to prepare for the next trips. (After four trips in September and October, I felt that I have had it, almost for the first time in my life!)  What is good is that I love flying and sleep so well on the flight.  (Majority of the movies I have seen in the past few years are all on board!)

Now that I have recovered from it all, I am ready for another one, soon.

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