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I joined the party organized by Teach for Japan this evening. About a decade ago,  I moderated the seminar given by Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America and Yusuke Matsuda, who started Teach for Japan.  First few years, I served as advisor, supporting the organization.

These few years, I have not heard from them except that the organization had some issues.  The other day, I received the invitation to party and finally decided to join this morning!  (I have been buried with so many things that I could not decide until last minute.)

The main topic of the event was the new birth of Teach for Japan under T. Nakahara who took over as CEO last year. (photo on the left) It appears that the organization has begun renewal and has several plans for rejuvenation.  I was quite encouraged by the enthusiasm of the new leader group and at the same time, the status of Japan’s schools seems so much behind the other countries. (See table on the left) I believe that education is critical for the future of the country as it is young people who will shape and future and make things happen.

In fact, I was quite shocked to find out how different the status in Japan is from the education of students in Israel at home and at school  (we are just about the last phase of finishing the book on Innovation in Israel, and in the process of writing the book we find out how young people learn to make decisions themselves and to trust their own view.

I hear that TFJ is now crowd funding to develop 40 fellows.  Here is the site to support their project.

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