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Yesterday and today, I gave a talk on the related subject of Global talent/career and diversity.  The audience last night was the members of the NPO J-Win, while that of this evening was the group of people of one financial services company.

I tried to tailor my talk to the needs of the audience on both days.  Yesterday, the interest of some 160 career women was more of their own career and the skills required today.  So I covered the business environment (which is the background of new approach to career) briefly and talked extensively about what the changes in the business environment meant for their own career, new requirement and skills for the 21st century.  I also talked about my own experience and my approach to develop new skills.

Today, the audience was interested in the link between corporate strategy and diversity.  So I focused more on why diversity is the key to business today during my short talk.  The panel followed where I was asked some specific questions based upon what the company has been doing in the area of diversity.

Though these two topics are “hot” topics for which I am  often invited to talk or write these days, the experience on two days gave me great opportunity to think through the topic again, to become aware of the link between several items which I had not thought of before, and to develop new insights for the issues.  I realized some of my own experiences could be considered as the specific examples of going across borders, whether they are area, gender, field etc.

I was quite pressed for time as seminars require materials to hand out, slides to show, etc. etc.  It became a bit overwhelming as I had so many other things to do in  addition to two seminars.  But the back-to-back seminars on  related topics and active Q & A gave me an opportunity to further my  thought on the topic  and shed new lights on the topic.Many lessons learned!

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