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This evening, the 23rd Momofuku Ando award ceremony and dinner was held by the foundation of the Nissin Foods Holding where I serve as non-executive director.  This is the award to celebrate and commemorate the founder of Nissin Foods, Momofuku Ando, and given to the research related to food.  The  TV show “Manapuku” featuring Mrs. Ando, has been very well received and many more people are now familiar with the story how Momofuku Ando developed instant noodle after so many trial and error.

I have attended the ceremony and dinner few times, and this evening I was able to catch the last part of the lecture given by Prof. Mori who won the grand prize.  Though it is not my area, I found his explanation very intriguing.

The dinner to celebrate the winners and their families together with the people related to the award was spectacular, reminding me of the LONG table you find in movie such as God Father.  I talked with some winners and the judges and found the occasion very inspiring and exciting.  Momofuku Ando was an entrepreneur and innovator who never lost the spirit for creativity and imagination until he passed away at the age of mid 90s.  Just to hear stories by the winners and that of the founder was inspiring.

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