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I attended the event held by the company I am involved with this afternoon. There I saw the same video for the third time.  The video is excellent in visuals/sounds and the story.  I was impressed by it the first time I saw.  Even though it was the third time I saw it today, I had many new discoveries.  It was the details that shows the depth of the story and the intricacies of the message.

It reminded me of the remarks  of “foreshadowing” I heard when I saw the show “Americans in Paris” by Shiki theatrical group the other day. I thought the Act 1 was a bit too long and relatively slow, compared with the lively and lovely Act 2.  I made that comment to the production team and heard that Act 1 had many foreshadowing.  I missed many of them in Act 1, as I was so immersed in the beauty of dancing/ballet.

I even checked my own blog entry after I saw the same show in Broadway few years ago.  There was no mention of the story, just how brilliant the dancing was. (I was so intrigued by the director’s passion to rejuvenate ballet which some had thought old fashioned and outdated. No wonder all my attention was on dancing!)

As I saw the same video for the third time today, I noticed foreshadowing in many parts of the video.  It taught me the lesson that how much of thinking goes in to produce a short video and how we can miss fine details and thinking behind the scenes. It may be because we focus on speed too much nowadays, that we do not take time.  (I saw the article recently along the same concept.)  Probably we can give ourselves a bit of time to go slow, reflect without worrying about getting things done and going for speed.  Weekend may be a good time to start..


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