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 Today, April 3, was the first work day of the new fiscal/academic year. I had the honour to address the group of female leaders from Asia on the first day of their MultiCountry Observation Study Mission Industrial Human Development for Women organized by Asian Productivity Organization in the morning. Rather than focusing on the government approach to women empowerment in Japan, I took much broader approach and discussed impact of technology on jobs/employment and the need to break rules rather than to take conventional rules as given. Quite a few questions were raised as always with the non-Japanese audience, and I could not finish them all as I had to rush out.
My next destination was Amphitheater at Maihama where Welcome ceremony of Shiseido was held. I serve as non-executive director there and took the opportunity to be a part of the welcome session of freshmen.
This year, the ceremony was for all the freshmen of the group and the venue was used for the first time. (I had been there for Cirque de Soleil show before.) It was fantastic.
I got so much energy from the freshmen (over 500 of them) who came in w high five with CEO Uotani, while Shiseido people were sitting in the back cheering them. I would have been very impressed if I were one of the freshmen. In particular, what I really liked were:
1. Aspiration statement in five seconds by all 567 freshmen
2. Excitement they showed when models of Shiseido CM showed up on stage to welcome them
3. The way the show was produced—very well designed, rehearsed and exciting/inspiring (I had similar feeling when they had global kick off in January… the same level of excitement)
(In fact, I learned a lot how to put show together as I organize and host some events.)
Here is a very short video showing the event. (I did not realize that you were NOT supposed to take a photo or video, so this is very brief..)

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