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I arrived at JFK Friday morning after some 12 hour flight from Haneda.  It was the first time for me to fly new aircraft with new layout for business class. (I have seen the ad for Tokyo-London flight in this aircraft, but had not expected it was available for JFK flight)  It has more space for Business Class and very nice. (I had to figure out how to do many things, though.)   When I was ready to make my seat to flat seat/bed after nice lunch with champagne and wine, I could not get my seat to flat.  I called Cabin attendant who came to try with one more person, only in vain.  They suggested that I moved to the other Business class seat with flat seat.  I moved there and slept some 7 hours.  (I did not even finish one movie!)

I read the book on Israel on my kindle before we landed JFK.  No issue at JFK (unlike last time when it took some 40 min. for our luggage to come out) and I was at my regular place to stay.  I had informed the time for my arrival, though I was ready to wait some hours in the lounge before I could check in. I was very fortunate as my unit was ready. After unpacking my suitcase and wardrobe, I took a nap, went to the sports club for daily workout and went out for grocery shopping.  I am now getting settled and will be ready for my big task of drafting the column due Monday and of reviewing/revising the chapters of our book on Israel.  I will make sure that my stay in NY for a week would be productive and at the same time, fun. My work will start tomorrow…

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