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On April 17, we will host the session #25 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo series”. The topic is creative application of technology to agriculture and food with our guest, Ms. Yuriko Kato, founder of m2-lab.

Agriculture has been a hot topic in Japan lately, in the context of TPP and Agricultural Reform, among other things. Aside from political and economic considerations, food is what many of us are interested.  We all want good, fresh and safe foodstuff available for our daily life.

And yet, agriculture and food supply chain is one of the areas we see few application of technology and innovation. Ms. Kato has been developing new approach to agriculture and food supply chain, based upon her engineering background and extensive experience in technology-related fields, including NASA and development of industrial machinery.

She has new concept of combining agriculture with other sectors such as education, tourism, industry, etc. Why not join us developing creative ideas to make her concept a reality? As agriculture and food supply chain has many stakeholders whose interests may conflict, we are likely to try role play with your participation.   For details and registration of the session, visit our website.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 17!

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