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FullSizeRender (37)This is No. 2 of report of Davos.. in Tokyo Friday last week, following the quick report.  After we discussed what we can do to address the issue of Future of work, we introduced our plan of having three different types of sessions-corporate, fun, and special, (Stay tuned for what we mean by these three types!) for the year 2015 and dates for the first six months.  They are (all Fridays) January 23, February 20, March 20, April  17, May 22 and June 19.

Then we gave bags I received at different conferences such as Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, St. Gallen Symposium etc. by drawing numbers from the bag (not the hat!)
We took a group photo with everybody holding the English word each picked for the year 2014 – What I picked for myself was “anew” and I saw quite a few choosing “change.” (We will post as soon as I get the photo!) It marked the end of the official session.

FullSizeRender (36) We moved to Ark Hills Cafe where the networking and auction was held. As there were quite a few first timers at the session, I made sure (I hope) I talked with them to find out how they found the session.  Quite a few found out about Davos.. in Tokyo through the seminars/workshops I gave recently.  (I am glad that “marketing” works!)

One of the main events for the networking session was auction.  We selected 10 items (I had more, but given the time constraint and logistics, we narrowed down to 10) and asked them to bid.  (We had sent a lit of items and the initial price for reference so that they could decide, if they want, beforehand.)  The most popular item was Hermes scarf  as 9 people made a bid.  Some other items had multiple bidders and the highest bid was chosen.  I hear that the person who won the two checked the price beforehand and made a bid accordingly.  (It indicates that getting homework done beforehand does work! as the price she paid was very good, given the original price of the items.)

All in all, the total amounted to over 80,000 yen.  I will donate (will add a bit to make it a nice number of 100,000 yen) to Teach for Japan which is now trying to fund their activities through Ready for.  We gave some gifts to those who made a bid, but could not win.   Thank YOU for all that came to the session #21 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series and hope that you had fun.  We will continue this series well into the next year.

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