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WH (3)WH (5)WH (4)WH(2)This is a long weekend in BC, as Monday is BC day, a holiday.  The weather is on cool side (it is 12C this morning and yesterday, it stayed in the teens all day!), but we expect quite a few people this weekend.  Many events are scheduled such as Canadian BBQ championship where you can sample different kinds of BBQ (you can watch video via website which may make you hungry!) and Wanderlust where yoga, music and food is featured.

yogaSometimes I take it for granted the beauty of nature in BC, as I come here every summer for over a decade.  The first few years  I came, I was so impressed and the first few days were full of wonder at nature.  Friends who come here for the first time always tell me how nice the area is.

Now that I learn to take a video clip and send via email to my Dad who is 91 years old, I appreciate lovely scenery in Whistler again with the new eye. Even though I spend time, reading, writing, teleconferencing most days during my stay, staying in the chalet with high ceiling and open windows refreshes you, not only physically but psychologically.

Here are some of the photo I took.  Nothing special, but scenes at Whistler showing the nature and crisp air.

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