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My original plan for the summer 2020 was to spend almost 2 months in British Columbia as always.  (Photo on the left is from last year)  The plan failed as I found out that I cannot board the flight from Narita yesterday afternoon.  I checked the travel restrictions and prepared self-isolation plan for 2 weeks and downloaded Apps for ArriveCAN  to get ready.  I arranged rental car from airport to Whistler to check in at the unit I rented, and food delivery that day. (I was supposed to attend online strategy discussion meeting late at night their time few hours I was scheduled to arrive at the destination.)

Despite the information I received regarding travel restrictions, airline staff said that according to the rules set at the Embassy, non Canadian citizens are allowed to board unless it is “essential.” i.s. if they have family in Canada and/or invited to attend the conference or something.

I gave up to board and contacted my friend at the airline to find out more. She checked and came back with the response that only way for me is to contact the Embassy.  By then it was 6 pm Friday, so I decided to come home, after emailing my friends in BC, rental car staff, real estate staff and food delivery service. (It was after midnight their time.)

 As Narita was quite deserted and few limousine busses were running, I decided to take Keisei line and subway to come back. (I had huge suitcase, but I really did not want to take a cab!) I managed to come home in rain and finally relaxed.  (I developed some creative recipe as my fridge was almost empty — I had thought I would be away for two months and managed to use food up!- and finished good dinner with beer. (I definitely needed a drink!)  I did not even try to unpack and went right to bed.

This morning, I felt better and did my daily routine (I did workout at gym as it was raining!) Sent note to my family in the east coast.

Good thing was that I attended strategy discussion meeting this afternoon.  (Originally I was going to join through online, as above.  The discussion was very good and I am so glad I joined real,(face-to-face) and not virtual.  It was significant and very productive discussion.

Now I am almost settled, I will sleep on the subject of trip (I received suggestions to contact the embassy probably on Monday) and decide. I am inclined to cancel the trip as it seems a bit too much.  It was good that I did not land YVR, only to find that I am not allowed to enter.  (It would have been a disaster, if it happens.)  The round trip to Narita was much better than round trip to Vancouver & back!


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