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 I am now at the Narita airport lounge getting ready to leave for Zurich.  As usual, I took Narita Express from Shibuya station.  As there was some frost along Sobu line this morning (did not realize how cold it was!), the Sobu line was delayed.  We had to wait for 10 minutes or so before we even reached the Tokyo station.  When I heard the announcement of the delay, I had to decide whether I should stay on or get off and take a cab.  I did not allow much time before the flight (about 1 hour and 40 minutes), I had to decide very quickly.  Once in the summer when it was so hot, Narita Express had some delay and I jumped off (not literally) and took a cab to make a flight.  I calculated the time it would take to go by a car and realized that it would be difficult to make it by cab.  So I stayed on, hoping that the Narita Express would not be further delayed!  We made it with delay of some 10 minutes or so, to my relief.

  For some reason, the layout of the Narita airport is such that you have to go to the farthest end to pick your luggage if you send it in advance.  So I walked (swiftly) to the farthest end to pick up my luggage and checked in.   It always puzzles me why the luggage pick up place is located there, as it makes the line of movement (not sure whether this is the right term) complicated.  I much prefer the Terminal No. 2 for that matter.   Good news, however, is that I passed the automatic line for  Immigration (often times it does not work!) and I had some exercise done by walking from one end of the terminal to the other!  This is good as I did not have time to do my exercise routine this morning!  Not everything is bad and nerve wrecking, I suppose.

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