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Every summer I spend in British Columbia, I tend to follow some routine.  One of them is to go to exercise class at Meadow Park Sports Center (I have one month pass which enables me to go anytime between 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and join any class that is already included in membership, in addition to pool and exercise room.)  I used to go to 9:00 am class six days a week, but this year they added 7:30 am  class twice a week, which I love.   It is great to start a day early. My next routine is to go to Starbucks to have grand latte. (I collect points so quickly that I get free drinks often.)

I also walk a lot (I have hiking shoes) as this is people’s favorite place for hiking.  I love  colorful flowers I find at many places. They are designed in such nice ways.

Since last year, I started going to “Resell” center to pick up some things. Last year, I bought nice design black jacket for CDN 1! and wore very often.  I also found polo shirt in nice green color.  This year, I picked up very nice jeans which fit me perfect and another black jacket by GAP, totally CDN 6. Jacket was again CDN 1!

Many retail shops have “sale” as well and I picked up Asics running shoes.  I have worn my blue Asics for over a year for daily workout, and I figured I am ready for the new one!  For some reason, while I was in Vancouver, several people commented on my blue Asics saying they are very cute and fit me!  This is the first time I got comments on running shoes! and twice in a row on the same day.


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