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As I was inspired by the podcast Daily I heard on MLB, I thought about the plan to start the next phase of SINCA from scratch.  Before I do start the plan, I decided to review what we have done since our launch in September 2018.(Photo on the left is the support team at the time of launch.)

I had a plan to make a short video explaining what SINCA is-its objective, activities etc.  i had the similar idea before, but did not do it, as I realized how big a task it could be for my skill level.

I set out to prepare a Japanese version first.  As I am becoming more familiar with iMovie with my Mac Book Air, I recorded my explanation on video and selected photos of the past SINCA sessions. (We have professional photographer in our support team and she takes so many photos every time. ) It took me quite a while to go through so many photos and download them to my PC.

As I was preparing the iMovie in Japanese, I realized what I should do is to use zoom and take my video. (This is what I learned from my other professional video person.)  I have prepared Japanese version on iMovie, but the photos have no voice over (this is the issue I was trying to resolve by using zoom.)

My Japanese iMovie is done and is now being uploaded to you tube (which will take a long time…)  I want to add some explanations and possibly some sound on Japanese version, but ran out of time today.  For English version using zoom, it has to wait until tomorrow or later as I need to learn how to show photos while I am talking!

So no output yet in English, but I think I know what to do.  So stay tuned…..

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