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As I wrote on this blog the other day, I began practicing Mindfulness based stress reduction exercise while in Whistler.  At the bulletin board at Starbucks I went almost every morning in Whistler, I found the flyer about the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction.(photo on the left)   I checked their website to see whether there would be any more introductory session during my stay in Whistler.  It turned out the schedule did not work, but I kept searching for more information about the program.  I found the one that was free and listed quite a few materials and video etc.  So I decided to give it a try.

I kept at it while I was in Whistler as I had much more free time and flexibility.  I practiced 30 min. body scan every morning except when I was traveling.   I found there is some similarity between this exercise and deep breathing techniques to awaken? your own healing ability I learned several years ago and began practicing while in Whistler.

As I shared my story with friends in Japan, I found that you can try even for a short period of time.   So I have every intention to continue.  As I jumped into the practice part of stress-mindfulness-neuroscience, I am very much looking forward to the session #51 of Davos Experience in Tokyo this coming Friday.  I would love to find out about background and research in neuroscience related to stress and mindfulness.

Our registration is still open for you to join us on Friday.  You may have heard about mindfulness here and there, and this will be a good opportunity to find out more and probably start yourself.  Join us.  Here is the link.

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