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Dad's birthdayToday, we had luncheon to celebrate my Dad’s 94th birthday.  His birthday was one week ago, December 22, but we celebrated one week later (as last year, as I was out of the country on the day.)  As I looked back my blog entries in the past two years, we celebrated his birthday three years in a row at my apartment with my cousins and a friend.  This time,  two cousins of mine and our friend who lives close by came.(Photo is a bit off color for some reason.  Cannot fix it.)

As always, we had eel (my Dad’s favorite food!) as the main course, together with my “special” appetizer–it turned out I made a same thing last year!, soup, etc.  We drank half bottle of champagne to celebrate his 94th birthday.

Everybody brought food, cake etc. and I gave him two sets of bow tie with pocket square. (I found them in Kauai two days ago!) with a big birthday card.  He seemed to be happy and ate all we prepared.  (It was a bit hectic as I tried egg custard -CHAWAN mushi-with abalone and cooked special kind of rice I was given as Oseido, year end gift, using microwave for the first time! )

We had quite a few things to share as it is now annual event.  I am so grateful that my cousins and my friend were kind enough to come at the busy year-end time.

It was definitely worth it, as we all want to celebrate the birthday, in particular, if it is 94th!

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