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large_twf-epocpdreyxz9gkb43rrlxvl6q8jfsv9ccfgzqao My blog entry entitled “Study-work-retire, Time to scrap the old model of working life”” is now post on the Education, Women and Work on the World Economic Forum Agenda site. I had struggled with clarifying my message for this blog,  as I also wrote the extensive review of the book “100-year life” by Linda Gratton & Andrew Scott in Japanese.

Both are on related topics and deadlines were quite tight. Its target audience was different-one Japanese and the other world and so are the language they were written.

As I need a block of time to “write,” I struggled quite a bit with all the events such as World Forum on Sports & Culture and my workshop series going on during the two weeks I was given.    I felt even more rushed as the Gender Gap Report 2016 was published few days ago and I knew that my blog should go in time for that.  My blog on the Agenda  was more focused on the gender issues. Here is the link.

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