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Session #27 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series will feature Dai Fujikura, music composer based in London.
His first opera, Solaris, was performed in Paris few months ago and his world premier “Infinite Strings” was played by New York Phil last week at Metropolitan Museum.
You might wonder what contemporary music has to do with Davos Experience in Tokyo. We want to do two things- 1) get you exposed to the story of a young (he is in 30’s) artist who decided to go to UK at the age of 15, to pursue his passion of music and now work on the global scale. 2) want you to think about the ways to make contemporary music much more accessible to the people.
I personally love music and had a great time with Dai when we had him for our Global Agenda Seminar series last year.
As his new piece will be performed in Tokyo soon (on June 23 at Tokyo Opera City), we would like you to get to know his music, while  hearing his exciting career. Details are available on our site.
Join us on June 26! Looking forward to seeing you.

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