Though the world has accepted the “multiple career, and not single career” and “lifelong learning for new skills” as reality of job and employment, the notion that “full time at established company for life” is the “right answer” is still prevalent in Japan, it seems.
There is no need to emphasize that the world is undergoing unprecedented transformation not only in economy, but also in political landscape in Northeast Asian region.
Industries have been undergoing tremendous change and mergers/acquisitions/restructuring have almost become everyday matter. And yet, it is rather difficult to perceive the signs of upcoming changes and prepare oneself for them. Why is that? One of the reasons is that we have few encounters with people who have actually experienced the change such as mergers/acquisitions and are willing to share how they embraced (or failed to do) as well as lessons they learned.
At #46 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo series,” held at Dow Chemical Japan on Friday (a week from this Friday), March 24,offers that rare opportunity in casual/informal context. Dow Chemical made the announcement of merger with Du Pont in December, 2015 and they are now in the process of implementation. At #46 of “Davos…” series,  we plan to discuss with them how they find the news of merger, what opportunities they see, what concerns they have, etc. We can find out their lessons learned in process.
We can also find out more about chemical industry which tends to be rather unfamiliar as they make many industrial products which are contained in the products we use, but as materials/components.
Details and registration is here. Hope many of you will join us!

You can look at the short video of the last session to get the feel for informal/sharing  atmosphere.