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 I moved from my office at ICS, Hitotsubashi where I spent the past decade, to my KMD office in Hiyoshi this morning.  My office –at school and at home–needed some cleaning up as I have been buried with papers, books, CDs etc. etc. in the past several months.  So I decided to take this opportunity to sort books, documents etc. and had spent past several days, doing that.

  It took much longer than I had expected, but I managed to throw away many things I did not need any more. (I was amazed at the amount of paper I had accumulated and at the same time, how the media to store information has undergone transformation in the past decade!) 

  I took the approach of throwing everything –every case, my executive ed slides etc. until the ones used this past year or so.   It was because I would never be able to do the job in  time, if I reviewed them.   I did NOT want to give myself too much time, and thus did not start the task until a few days before the scheduled move. That way, I had no choice but throwing almost everything.

  Despite this simple rule, it took several days for me to clean file cabinet etc. and sorted and marked books and documents  by destination, before the movers came yesterday morning.  But it made the packing much simpler (and much shorter) and the move much smoother.  It took 1.5 hours to pack everything yesterday morning and took another hour on the site to unpack everything!  I arranged the movers to do the both, but I needed to get ready for them 

  What was great was the way the movers worked!  I was watching them pack, move and unpack and I was amazed how systematic and efficient the whole operation was.   The movers were so efficient that I had so much fun watching themwork.   It was such a professional job that I learned a lot! 

  What impressed me most was the system they have.  Packing materials are organized and the labels are large and easy to follow so that anybody can follow them.   I was even more surprised that the label which are in different colors (i.e. you can tell from the color) even have the color spelled out in writing.  i.e. If it is blue label which goes to place A, the label  has the sign saying that it is “blue.”  It is my guess that the writing is for those who are color-blind AND for the double check.   

  The way they unpack is so clean, simple  and so organized that each move takes so little time.  (When I unpack boxes at home, I find myself following their style!)   It was Operations 101 for me!

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