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IMG_6843IMG_6857While I am in Whistler (I have few more days left!), I follow the routine of getting up at 6:00 a.m., checking notes/news the night before, write blog entries in Japanese and in English, and then go to circuit training class at 9:00, 6 days a week.  After circuit training, I take shower and have brunch of protein smoothie and yogurt with berries. (I am trying to make the best of local foods.)

Some questions have been in my mind for some time.  One is why big people stay big and lean(meaning fit) people stay fit. As I go to the circuit training every summer for the past several years, I know instructors and majority of participants.  More people come every day now.  At the beginning, I had thought that big (read “fat”) people come to the class to get into shape (i.e. lean).  But big people I met a few years ago are still big today.  I suppose tough circuit training does NOT quite make you lose weight.  (They DO have a lot of power and I can never lift the same weight as they do!)

One another thing I notice is that the class with older people (it is called Mature Adult!), people chat, make jokes with instructors and sometimes takes it easy, while exercising.  In the tougher class, younger people are more serious, dedicated and hard-core. You do not hear chats while we exercise–probably no wonder as it is tough!

I try to lead healthy life while in Whistler for 7 weeks or so every summer, and hope that it will carry me through the rest of the year…

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