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Here are more details about workshops etc. our SPACE project will run during the fourth KMD Forum this weekend. As I wrote earlier, I will serve as store manager of Crafts Duty Free Selection held Friday  afternoon.

On Saturday, March 1, we will have a workshop with three groups on the topic of how we can make best of technology to change our every day life and the society at large. We will have three brief presentations by the students–1) use of technology to offer new opportunities for young talents such as movie director with limited exposure to the world  2) easy way to do something in our daily life for social good 3) potential of a variety of media for marketing & other purposes (two in English and one in Japanese).  Then  you can join any one of the groups to brainstorm to figure out your actions.

As the last item of Saturday, I will do the session entitled “Fly with me.. Where do you want to go?”  I will talk in Japanese and in English, about how much changes have taken place in our life  as technology as main drivers first.  Then I will ask you to break out in small groups to brainstorm (either in Japanese or in English). This will be a giant brainstorming session!  We will have report back from some of the groups and I will wrap up.

I  also run the flight to Free Trade Zone on Thursday, February 27 and during the KMD Forum.  You can pick up any books, conference bags, etc.  at my office during that period.

These are just few of many programs scheduled for the weekend. There are many more interesting & fun programs with many interesting people–from high technology to entertainment.    So join us at Hiyoshi campus.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

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