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I had dinner with my parents this evening.  As my father is 90 and my mother is in mid 80s,  their mobility has been rather  limited these days, not only because of the unusually cold weather, but also because of  their capability, or lack of,  to move around.  My mother has not been outside for several years as she has difficulty walking.  (She is usually in bed, and comes to table for meals on wheel chair.)

My father is in good health, caring for my mother, and loves driving.  But he decided to sell the car they owned about a year or so ago, as he figured it would be difficult and probably not safe for him to drive around.

I heard on podcast the other day about the difficulty of making a decision to take away the car key from your elderly parents in the U.S.   Driving gives one independence, particularly in many parts of the  U.S.  where few public transportation is available. (It must be the same in some parts of Japan now that I think of it.)

This story reminded me of the chat I often have with my father.  He always walks me to the bus stop after I visit with them.  He almost always says that he wishes he had a car and could drive, when we see many cars pass by.

I think we (meaning he and I) are better off without the car, as I do not want him to get into some accident, but I also feel his desire to go to any place he wants, on his own by driving a car.  He also loves cars, so it makes it even more difficult.

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